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Generally advanced pets are gifted at crapping, yet Pou for ios and Android likely denote the first run through a computerized pet truly is crap. Not that Pou ever infers anything so dense, as you may already know. No, your new buddy is an outsider that hopefully happens to resemble that. Downright happenstance. Yup.

Pou may not be the most cuddly outsider in the universe, yet he still relies on upon you for nourishment, excitement, cleanliness, and fellowship. He should be nourished normally, cleaned up when he gets messy (the old proverb about “cleaning a bum dropping” strikes a chord), and generally vitally, he ought to have a great time.


Pou offers a substantial determination of Pou-themed small amusements, and playing even one of them makes Pou a joyful blob. None of the amusements are especially unique: There are several varieties on the match-3 equation, a Doodle Jump scam, a Bust-a-Move scam, and other recognizable charge. There’s even a variant of Connect 4 that you can play with a companion, furnished somebody joins to play with you.

The amusements structure the center experience in Pou, keeping in mind they’re all utilitarian (excepting the few tilt-based diversions, which you can’t adjust), they’re not extremely amazing. Young people may be awed with the experience, then again. Truth be told, Pou is best suited for a junior gathering of people, period. Youngsters will adore encouraging Pou, dressing him up, and designing his house. There’s even a characteristic that lets Pou parrot whatever you say into your gadget’s amplifier and yes, that incorporates swear statements.

Pou Hack Tool

It’s great to see that Pou’s advance doesn’t depend actually on can hilariousness. That said, the unremarkable diversions and pet test system that you do gain aren’t overly electrifying in the event that you’re over the age of 12. In the event that you have a youngster sibling or sister with a dead Tamagotchi, however, Pou may be an exceptional swap critter.

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24 May 2016

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