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Sanctuary Run has a considerable measure to respond in due order regarding. Since the amazing prosperity of the 3d auto-runner, it has turned into the default pattern for planners looking to score an approachable, family-accommodating hit.

Abominable Me: Minion Rush is the most recent Gameloft film tie-into take after this pattern. You take control of one of Gru’s yellow partners, whom you should immediate left and right, up, and down towards collectable bananas, and far from approaching perils.

Assuming that you’ve ever played a perpetual runner, you know precisely where you stand with Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Infrequently, you’ll run into a manager fight. These generally include avoiding shots, and after that turning them against your foe. The Polaroid will in some cases movement point of view, too, which at first found us napping. There are additionally minutes when you’ll have to utilize your accellerometer to direct your yellow pal down a chute. These variables keep you on your toes, despite the fact that they meddle with the stream a bit.

Gameloft has unmistakably done a ton guarantee the diversion is initially fascinating. The design are fresh and definite, with the screen is continually full of investment and action. Provided that anything, the frantic visuals are a tad overpowering, strolling a scarce difference between surprising and bewildering.

The genuine running is exceptionally robust, however. As you might trust, your flunky does what precisely what you let it know to. Risks are differed, exchanging consistent with the perpetually evolving situations. You can use gathered bananas on ensembles, and power-ups, for example solidify beams and shields. There’s additionally a premium gold coin which you can pay legitimate for. Lamentably, the diversion is a spot pushy in the matter of pressing you for overhauls, blazing no less than two items at you after each run.

All things considered, its an exceptionally gleaming sample of the type. I does feel a touch like the devs have tossed everything at the divider to guarantee at any rate something sticks. Kids and fanatics of the film will probably appreciate the variety of going to the Despicable Me universe. Whatever is left of us may the exhuberant visuals unreasonable to take. By all means give it a go, simply don’t come to us when your eyeballs have softened into yellow goo.

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Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to play as a yellow looking, hogwash talking Minion from Gru’s? In Despicable Me: Minion Rush sold by Gameloft, an all new perpetual runner for versatile apparatuses, you play as one of these Minions in a full scale runner to increase the container as Minion of the Year.

Join the flunkies and play through energizing and testing levels with different followers from the excellent outfit to ref to even mother and father outfits in the amusement. Gather Bananas and tokens to buy control ups to blast through.

Disgusting Me Minion Rush Review Screen

Gameteep 5 stars rating

Abominable Me Minion Rush symbol

Application Name: Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Merchant: Gameloft

Discharge Date:

Jun 13, 2013apple ios

June 18, 2013android Os

Kind: Endless Runner

Gameteep Rating: 5/5

Stage: Apple iosandroid Os

Gamer Rating




General Rating

Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes throws)


Abominable Me: Minion Rush Gameplay

Follower Rush is a perpetual runner style diversion, and players that have tried no less than one unending runner amusement will be extremely acquainted with the gameplay of this diversion.


Gameloft has made an astounding showing with bringing about new encounters into the “Endless Running” classification. We saw a couple of new encounters in their wonder diversion Iron Man 3 – The Official Game which is an unending runner style of amusement aside from you’re flying.

Abominable Me: Minion Rush carries us closer to the conventional perpetual runner amusements like Temple Run or Agent Dash. Whatever the case, in the event that you’ve tried an unending runner amusement then you’ll fit right at home in this diversion.

Players could be needing in this diversion is the consistent swipe controls, bananas & control ups to gather, and energizing 3d levels. A percentage of the new encounters that players may find are in the force ups and exceptional point sees for certain minutes throughout a stage. Aside from that, the look and feel of the amusement is fundamentally the same to different unending runners.


The fundamental controls of the diversion are greatly simple to comprehend and the excercise is in the ballpark of a moment or less. Like any unending runner amusement, you swipe left and right to move left or right. Swipe up to bounce and swipe down to slide under articles.

A few stages can require you to utilize the movement sensors on your gadget to have the capacity to move your characters.


There are different control ups in the diversion that will help you through your endeavor, for example the rocket, flunky shield et cetera. You can have the things from the store or throughout your run while running in the diversion.


Examplary – Standard Minion outfit

Ref —Mega Minion keeps ticking 5 seconds more extended

Toddler – Increase your Despicable Score Multiplier by 1 Level

Specialist – Increase Bananas gathered in each race by 10%

Mother – The Banana Splitter, Freeze Ray, Banana Vacuum, and Minion Shield most recent 5 seconds more drawn out.

Father The first Revive in each race is free.

Wretched Me: Minion Rush Graphics

The representation for the amusement is generally improved with vibrant colors that suits the spendid yellow-looking flunkies. An impressive rate of the representation are in 3d, in a cartoon ish manner and fits superbly for players to delight in the diversion. There are wonderful movements and impacts when you initiate control ups like the rocket or shield.

Wretched Me: Minion Rush Sounds

The music and sound impacts in Despicable Me: Minion Rush are truly charming. There’s a perplexing and senseless sort of feel to it that fits Despicable Me splendidly and those yellow Minions. There are likewise those senseless sound impacts of the flunkies “yelling”, “shrieking” or talking that will just put a grin all over.

Awful Me: Minion Rush Round-up

General, Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a different decently advanced perpetual runner from Gameloft. Gameloft has dependably pushed the breaking points of versatile diversions and Minion Rush has some just out of the plastic new encounters that unending runner players will adore. The controls are fundamentally the same to different interminable runner amusements so veteran players of the sort won’t take long to conform to this diversion.

Being an unending runner diversion leaves no place for altering the encounter in a major manner however the artists have had the ability to push the sort – and experience a touch further with new offers and encounter from an alternate point. You’ll recognize all through the amusement, you get to experience the amusement from distinctive points at certain focuses which expands the trouble. Furthermore there are sure indicates in the amusement where you should utilize the movement sensors on your mechanism.

A percentage of the things that players can: gather distinctive outfits in the diversion. So make sure to look at Despicable Me: Minion Rush in the event that you cherish interminable runner style recreations.

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